How To Supercharge Your Gut And Optimize Your Health – Marc Washington

Marc Washington is the founder and CEO of Super Gut - a revolutionary brand designed to improve the gut microbiome by using patented prebiotic fiber in shakes and snack bars. Marc joins our show today and talks about his executive experience, his habits and routines for success, and his revolutionary take on gut health and why it’s so important to optimize. Marc dives deep into how the gut microbiome works, how to balance out good and bad bacteria, and what optimizing specific strands of bacteria can do for your health. If you’re wondering how to supercharge your gut and optimize your health, check this episode out now!                            

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In our episode we go over:

  • Marc’s early life as a competitive athlete
  • His drive to succeed and what led him to success at Princeton and Harvard
  • The deeply personal family event that led him into studying the gut
  • What Marc learned from being a CEO of a massive company
  • The difference between being a CEO and being a founder
  • Why being an entrepreneur is harder and more stressful than being a CEO
  • Gathering a team around you for success
  • The impact that nutrition has on your health
  • The importance of your gut micribiome health
  • The fact that your body has good and bad bacteria all the time in a balance
  • How to better balance the gut
  • Why fiber isn’t enough to keep the health of your gut
  • Prebiotics vs. probiotics
  • The problem with probiotics

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