How To Find True Happiness And Success Without Chasing It – Prince EA

Prince EA is a filmmaker, inspirational speaker, and social media celebrity with over 23 million followers. In today’s episode Prince talks about his rapid rise to internet celebrity and his more impressive ascension into fulfillment. He covers his early career as an up and coming rapper and what made him transform his work into something much more personally rewarding and spiritually fulfilling. Prince and I cover a number of important topics including, mindset, inspiration, spirituality, the universe, purpose, and ultimate happiness. If you’re wondering how to find true happiness and success in life without chasing it, check this episode out now!                            

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In our episode we go over:

  • How Prince EA came up with his unique name
  • Changing the world by changing the individual
  • Prince’s background performing with Ludacris and DJ Khalid
  • Why he was miserable as a rapper
  • Comparison being the doorway to suffering
  • The fact that happiness is only found within
  • How Prince changed his life and how he blew up his career
  • Not chasing fame or success but having it come to you
  • Where ideas originally come from and the fact that humans can be lighting rods for ideas
  • Tesla’s incredible accident that turned his genius on
  • The Silva Mind Control Method
  • Tapping into infinite wisdom by doing a simple exercise
  • Spirit goals vs. Ego goals
  • The fact we as humans are all connected
  • Finding inspiration and going after success without falling into the comparison trap
  • Not using “should” or “must” in life
  • The importance of relationships

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