How To Reshape The Reality Of Your Present And Future Life – Michael Thornhill (Ep. 393)

Michael Thornhill is the Co-founder of Casa Galactica, a Curandero, and a Channel & Trauma-Informed Plant Spirit Healer. In today’s episode Michael re-joins our podcast to talk about the healing work he’s been doing lately and how he’s been incorporating a toad medicine called Bufo alvarius into his sessions. We cover healing from traumas, discovering the love within yourself, reshaping your reality, and creating a new life full of love and happiness.

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In our episode we go over:

  • What Michael has been up to since we last spoke
  • The new location for Casa Galactica in Peru
  • The legitimacy of what Michael has been saying for years about the way the universe is
  • The work Michael is doing using toad medicines
  • The fact that you can’t do anything to be more loved because you already have unconditional love
  • The reality of your coming from within yourself
  • Healing your traumas and reshaping your present and future reality
  • The past life theory vs. the simultaneous life theory
  • Bufo alvarius 
  • Bufo alvarius vs. Ayahuasca

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