How To Master Your Life And Relationships Using Integrated Attachment Theory – Thais Gibson Interview

Thais Gibson has a Ph.D. and over 13 certifications in modalities such as CBT, NLP, somatic experiencing, internal family systems, and shadow work. She has nearly a decade of experience running a successful private practice and engaging with over 30,000 clients through individual sessions, workshops, and an educational platform. This diverse background has culminated in creating Gibson Integrated Attachment Theory™, an innovative framework uniting traditional attachment theory, developmental psychology insights, and potent subconscious reprogramming techniques that are woven throughout the course material within The Personal Development School, taught within our innovative coach training program and in her most recent book, Learning Love. If you’re wondering how to use Thais’ teachings to master your life and relationships, check out this episode now you’re going to love it!

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In our episode we go over:

  • What attachment theory is
  • The 4 attachment styles and how they shape our relationships
  • The importance of understanding your attachment style
  • Working with a partner who has a different attachment style
  • Whether or not we can ever truly discard an unfavorable attachment style
  • Whether people can develop a negative attachment style of the years
  • How attachment styles shape our wants, needs, and desires
  • How Thais got past her own negative attachment style
  • Core wounds, reprogramming needs, emotional regulation, setting boundaries, and communicating effectively
  • Thais thoughts on the love languages
  • Growing beyond your emotional programming, especially in your childhood years

Check out Thais on:
Website: Personal Development School
Book:  Learning Love


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