How To Heal Your Mind And Body Using Energy, Frequency, And Vibration – Dr. Katelyn Lehman

Dr. Katelyn Lehman is the Chief Systems Architect and Co-Founder of Quantum Clinic, a health and wellness center in Los Angeles. Dr. Katelyn uses a range of tools and modalities to help facilitate optimal health and healing in her clients. In today’s episode she dives into a number of these tools and breaks down the science behind how they work, focusing most on the body’s energy. If you’re wondering how to heal your mind and body using energy, frequency, and vibration, check this episode out now!                             

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In our episode we go over:

  • Blending the traditional clinical psychology with the new emerging science of energy work and healing
  • Why Dr. Katelyn shifted her life’s work into what she’s doing now
  • Sound frequencies and how they can put the body into alignment and into a state of healing
  • Rife frequency vs. Isochronic tones vs Binaural beats
  • The fact that research has been done but not well known into some of these natural healing techniques
  • Why sound deprivation can help the body heal
  • How long you can be in a sound derivation state and why too much may harm you
  • Biofeedback and how Dr. Katelyn uses it to help her clients
  • The power of heart coherence and why this seems to be the best state for healing
  • Precognition and the science behind it
  • The nature of humans and whether or not we are inherently good
  • Our debate about whether Big Oil magnates and other big industry titans would ever give up there power
  • The Heart Math Institute
  • The fact we are all connected energetically

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