How To Stay Physically And Mentally Fit As You Get Older

BJ Gaddour is a world-renowned health and fitness expert and the former fitness director for Men’s Health Magazine. BJ talks about the evolution of his training and how things have changed in the past few years since turning 40. He describes his midlife crisis and some of the mental health struggles he’s had the past couple of years and what he’s done to overcome them. If you’re wondering how to adapt your training as you get older and be at your physical and mental peak, check this episode out now you’re going to love it.                            

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In our episode we go over:

  • The mid-life crisis BJ went through the past few years
  • Not missing a workout since he started training as a teenager
  • What BJ did to get himself out of depression
  • Fool’s gold of bodybuilding
  • How the pandemic hit BJ mentally and what he did to overcome these challenges
  • Being natural vs. taking steroids and taking the fast-track to physical success
  • Dealing with insecurity in the current time we live in
  • The devolving values of our current society
  • Cultivating happiness as you get older in age

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