How To Cultivate Inner Peace No Matter How Chaotic Things May Be – Charles Clay (Ep. 377)



Charles Clay is an Inner Peace Coach, Dynamic Speaker, Published Author, and the Founder of Freedom From Pain Coaching. Charles joins our show today and talks about how to cultivate inner peace using a number of techniques. He dives deep into listening to your intuition, following your soul’s journey, taming your ego, and letting go of stress. If you’re wondering how to find inner peace in this chaotic world, check this episode out now!                             

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In our episode we go over:

  • Charles’ ability to listen to his gut get downloads of intuitive information
  • How others can cultivate the ability to listen to their intuition more
  • The purpose of your soul and doing what it loves
  • Being a happier person around others
  • Working with your ego but not succumbing to it
  • Getting in touch with your higher self
  • Having an inner peace no matter your surroundings

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