Confessions Of A Mob Boss: How One Of The Richest And Most Notorious Gangsters In History Survived Prison, Criminal Rivals, And Leaving The Mafia – Michael Franzese

Michael Franzese, former mob boss of the Colombo crime family in New York who at his most affluent time generated between $5 to $10 million per week from his legal and illegal businesses, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Michael talks about his many years spent inside the Colombo crime family, what he did to get in, how he shot his way to the top, and how he made so much more money than everyone else. He covers his sit-downs with bosses like John Gotti, his gas tax fraud which netted him multi-millions every week, his careful strategy to avoid being caught by the police, and the truths and lies about the mob in America. Michael also talks about leaving the life, why his life changed for the better the day he quit, and what he’s been doing the past few years. If you’re wondering what the mafia is really like, what the gangsters from the movie Goodfellas were actually like, what really happened to Jimmy Hoffa and JFK, and so many other inside stories about the Italian mob, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • How Michael became a part of the mob and why his father was an integral part of getting him in
  • The 50-year prison sentence that his father received and the fact that he was the oldest inmate in the prison system a couple years back when he was just shy of 100 (currently the oldest parole at age 102)
  • The true reason Michael entered the mafia and how his life immediately changed when he decided to join the Colombo crime family
  • The recruitment process and what Michael needed to do to prove himself worthy of being a made member
  • How the mafia really makes its money
  • Why they never sold drugs and got into the business of drug trafficking
  • Fortune Magazine’s 1986 list of the richest mobsters in the country and Michael Franzese’s spot on there
  • How Michael was able to bring in $5 to $10 million per week for the mob
  • How Michael was able to rise so quickly in the ranks of the mafia
  • The leadership role that Michael had and the many men he was in charge of on a day-today basis
  • The jet plane, helicopter, and multiple houses that Michael owned, all at the same time
  • Whether Michael worries about old mobsters or new ones coming up trying to make a name for themselves at his expense
  • Why he chose to get out of the mob and what he did to make sure he never went back
  • The steps that Michael took to avoid being caught by the FBI and police for many years
  • Why Michael quit the mob after prison and focused on his relationship with Jesus Christ and his faith in God
  • The negotiating skills that Michael acquired from sitting down with mob bosses and very powerful individuals
  • The business skills that Michael learned and inherently had that allowed him to be so successful
  • What it was like dealing with John Gotti on a business level and how Michael got what he wanted when going against John by playing to his ego
  • Being able to adapt yourself to the many different personalities that you encounter in the business world
  • What Jimmy Burke and Paul Vario were like in real life, and how Henry Hill actually was too (not like his movie portrayal)
  • What really happened to Jimmy Hoffa (and why they will never find his body)
  • The fact that the JFK assassination was mob related
  • Michael’s thoughts on Whitey Bulger’s and Jeffrey Epstein’s death and whether or not he believes they were an inside job
  • His message for younger guys coming up and looking to get into the mob or become a criminal

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