How I Reversed My Severe Chronic Disease And Recovered My Health: Conclusion

 Why It Works

The ingredients I mentioned above actually worked and here’s why…

Through my endless amount of research I discovered that almost everyone (and by this I mean like 99% of people) who suffers from sleeplessness has an abundance of excitatory neurotransmitters, the chemicals in the brain that keep you awake and alert. The two primary chemicals that disrupt your sleep turn out to be Cortisol and Glutamate, which I refer to now as the two Sleep Stoppers. These chemicals are good when you need to focus, be alert, or have a surge of energy to do something exciting or even potentially dangerous, but when it comes to sleep, these are the last two chemicals you want to have an abundance of.

And when it comes to sleep, for those who can’t sleep or deal with insomnia at times, Cortisol and Glutamate are running rampant in their brains – keeping them restless, stressed out, alert, anxious, and unable to drift off into slumber. Or if they do fall asleep it’s only for an hour or two at best.

Why Sleep Stoppers Are So Common

There are a lot of possible causes for people to have elevated levels of Cortisol and Glutamate too. Stress from work, money, family, or the news can trigger their release. Sometimes it’s because of something exciting in someone’s life or sometimes it’s because a person is facing a major life adversity, obstacle, or health condition (like in my case). Certain foods can also trigger them. Anything with a lot of soy in it for example can cause an increase in these brain chemicals. The fact is there are a lot of triggers for these Sleep Stoppers which is why so many people struggle with sleep these days.

And once you go down a bit of a spiral with sleep, it’s incredibly difficult to break the cycle, as you probably know. Because losing sleep adds to the stress, which adds to the production of more Cortisol and Glutamate, which then adds to more sleeplessness, and the cycle perpetuates over and over again, until you end up loathing the night and praying for a miracle, like I did.

But thankfully, the formula I stumbled upon over countless nights of trial and error allows you to bring the Sleep Stopper chemicals back into balance and break that cycle of sleeplessness. It supports the body’s natural ability to relax and the brain’s inherent desire to tap into deep, refreshing sleep.

What Each Ingredient Does


This amazing adaptogenic herb is used to lower and balance out Cortisol levels to improve stress levels and help with relaxation before and during sleep. It’s been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine and is famous for its ability to bring down the stress hormone Cortisol (Sleep Stopper #1). In one recent double-blind, placebo-controlled study Ashwagandha was found to significantly reduce feelings of stress in the study’s participants and also the actual blood serum levels of Cortisol when measured went down considerably1

Valerian Root

This wonderful herb boosts GABA (the most important relaxing neurotransmitter) in the brain to help calm and relax the mind while also balancing the Glutamate levels and quieting racing thoughts and anxiousness. If Glutamate (Sleep Stopper #2) is like the gas for your mind to increase energy and alertness, Valerian is the brakes. It calms the mind down and helps relax the brain before and during your sleep. In one recent double-blind, placebo-controlled study Valerian significantly improved sleep quality as well as anxiety in the study’s participants who were taking Valerian2.

Lemon Balm

This powerful herb helps enhance and maintain GABA levels in the brain to improve relaxation and a sense of calm just before and during sleep. It’s also an effective GABA transaminase inhibitor which means it stops the GABA from breaking down and therefore allows it to stay at effective levels throughout the duration of sleep3. This keeps the brain calm and relaxed and in an optimal state for deep, restorative sleep.

Humulus Lupulus

This incredible herb supports healthy inflammation levels, lowers stress and anxiety levels, decreases nocturnal activity and restlessness, and puts the body into the perfect state for sleep. Humulus Lupulus also works hand in hand with Valerian Root and has a synergistic effect when it comes to relaxation and a feeling of calm4. Instead of 1 + 1 equaling 2 with these two ingredients, it’s like 1 + 1 = 10.


This natural sleep compound helps the body's internal clock wind down and gently drift off into deep, restful sleep. It helps reset the body’s natural process for sleeping and is essential for getting the body and brain back into a harmonic rhythm of wakefulness during the day and relaxation and sleep at night. A recent meta analysis of over 2600 scientific papers on melatonin demonstrated a significant effect on sleep quality5.


This wonderful mineral is well-known for relaxing the muscles and preparing the body to sleep peacefully through the night. It helps promote an ideal balance of sleep-supporting neurotransmitters like GABA and Glycine and has been used by many for sleep support. In fact, one recent double-blind study showed improvements in insomnia, sleep onset latency, sleep time, and sleep efficiency in a group of individuals with recurring insomnia6.


This key mineral works hand in hand with Magnesium to further relax the muscles and improve relaxing neuro chemicals like GABA. According to a recent study published in the European Neurology Journal, a lack of Calcium has been shown to interrupt sleep and is often the culprit (for those suffering from sleeplessness) behind waking up after just an hour or two of sleep7. The inability to get into the deep levels of sleep is also believed to be because of a lack of Calcium. This mineral is crucial for proper sleep cycle regulation.


This unique form of black pepper extract has clinically shown to improve the absorption of herbs by up to 200% making the herbs I mentioned for sleep that much more effective8. It’s a simple but highly effective addition to any type of formula where you’re taking herbs. Especially when it comes to something as important as sleep. You want to maximize what you’re taking and using this black pepper extract does the trick.

A Rejuvenating Natural Sleep

So here I stand today. Grateful as hell for my health.

I feel so lucky, thankful, and blessed to have gone through what I did a few years back and somehow managed to heal from the devastating disease I was facing. I still don’t know exactly what it was, though I know it was the beginning stages of something absolutely debilitating (fill in the blank of crippling neurodegenerative diseases). But in any event, I am happy.

Happy I don’t have to suffer anymore, happy I can help other people heal from their sicknesses, and happy I can go to bed each night and sleep like a baby. People don’t realize how important something is until they can’t do it anymore. And one thing I’ll never forget is how important sleep is for me. Every night I go to bed happy knowing I get to enjoy a great night’s sleep again, and every morning I wake up even happier.

Natural Sleep

I mentioned all the ingredients I took which brought my sleep and my health back because after taking all these ingredients separately for years, and getting them from all different suppliers and paying a ridiculous amount of money to have to piece it all together, I decided one day to just make it all into one supplement. It took a good amount of time to get the right dosages down and find the right suppliers and manufacturers to partner with, but I finally was able to create this incredible sleep formula and make it into one amazing product. And that product is called Natural Sleep.

Natural Sleep is the most effective and safe natural sleep aid on the market. It’s the same exact formula I used to bring myself out of the deepest and darkest time in my life and the formula I used to recover my sleep and literally save my life. It’s been a Godsend for me and for thousands of customers now who’ve been using it for the last couple of years.

I’m so blessed to share this product with the world and I’m truly touched by the daily emails and DMs I get from customers who tell me just how much Natural Sleep has helped them with their own sleep issues. Whether it’s been occasional sleeplessness or restlessness, or a little too much of a wired or stressed-out brain at night, or in some rare cases something a little more extreme. I know just how devastating it can be when even a little bit of your sleep is compromised so I’m so grateful to help in any way possible.

My Gift To You

If you’re reading this, you probably are having trouble sleeping. The beauty of taking Natural Sleep is it helps support a great night’s sleep and it helps improve your overall health. Because all of the ingredients are health-supporting and nourishing there are no side effects at all, only benefits. In fact, taking Natural Sleep is as safe as drinking a glass of water.

That’s why you should try Natural Sleep today, completely risk free for the next 30 days. If Natural Sleep doesn’t give you the best sleep of your life simply email us at  and we’ll be happy to give you a full refund. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love Natural Sleep. It’s been personally tested and used in my life and it’s been happily used by thousands of our customers now for years. The science supports the ingredients in our Natural Sleep bottle but even more importantly our customer’s results support the ingredients even more. Simply put, people are loving Natural Sleep. And I know you will too.

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Take care and God bless.